Holiday Rental Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for holiday rentals in NSW

Minimising our impact on the local community

Holiday rentals make a positive sustainable contribution to local tourism and communities, however in some areas, the increased use of dwellings for holiday rental accommodation has led to impacts on amenity such as in relation to noise and car parking issues.

In response to these issues, and to ensure the sustainability of our industry, the Holiday Rental Code of Conduct has been developed. The Code provides a self-regulatory approach in the management of holiday rental properties and will provide a set of industry practices that satisfy the needs of local communities, property owners, tourism operators and guests.

The Code of Conduct maintains that as holiday rental dwellings make a positive contribution to local communities, they should be managed effectively so as to minimise any adverse social or environmental impacts. The Code of Conduct, effective from 31 May 2012, addresses the impact of property amenities and factors including noise, guest overcrowding, garbage and car parking.

Many industry stakeholders have come together to develop the Code including the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW), Holiday Letting Organisation Central Coast (HLO Central Coast), Holiday Letting Organisation Byron Bay (HLO Byron), and The Stayz Group. The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, Destination NSW and the Local Government Shires Association NSW were also consulted.

This self regulatory approach to Holiday Rental incorporates four components:

Part 1:

Outlines obligations on participating organisations to cooperate and combine efforts to achieve the Objectives of the Code through appropriate administration and enforcement of the Code.

Part 2:

Outlines obligations on managers of holiday rental properties.

Part 3:

Outlines obligations on owners and guests required to implement the code through the terms and conditions of the contract between the owner and guests.

Part 4:

Provides a framework for house rules for visitors and guests at a property to ensure that the amenity of neighbouring properties is not adversely affected.

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To view the full holiday rental code of contuct documentation please go to Holiday Rental Code of Conduct – Version: 1.0 (March 2012)