Mount Browne Cottage



With its beautiful location and natural surroundings Mount Browne Cottage is committed to, and caring for, our natural environment. We seek ways to support the environmental in our operations and work with our guests, suppliers, and the community. We have converted our commitment in to actions. We are excited to now be certified as a Nature Tourism destination with Eco Tourism Australia.

Becoming Nature Tourism Accredited involved a rigorous process reviewing every aspect of our operations such as:

  • Developing a Bushfire Management Plan including the contact details of Emergency Services and local authorities, evacuation options and other Emergency Response Procedures; and
  • Developing an Operational Plan addressing for example risks, cleaning and maintenance and the procurement of sustainable environmentally friendly products.
    Also Mount Browne Cottage:

    • Uses tank water (aka beautiful rainwater)
    • Has a dual flush toilet;
    • Uses energy efficient lighting;
    • Cooling and heating are by natural ventilation, ceiling fans and wood fire, no air conditioning;
    • Undertakes the clearing of invasive flora such as Lantana and Camphor Laurel trees;
    • Uses an energy efficient Heat Pump for hot water;
    • Uses only environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products; and
    • Encourage guests to recycle by providing a specific bin in the pantry.